IPMA-HR Announces Organizational Restructure and Leadership Changes

IPMA-HR is pleased to announce a newly developed organizational structure. The changes outlined below will support IPMA-HR’s mission to enhance public sector performance by providing human resource professional development, certification, resources, research, and a community of HR professionals.

Organizational Restructure

The new organization model includes four departments overseeing the overall strategy of the association under the direction of Cara Woodson Welch, Executive Director.

The newly formed Member Programs Department consolidates the function areas of Membership, Certification, and Professional Development.

The Assessment Services Department will now be the Department of Assessment and Learning. It includes the development and administration of assessment products, as well as the development and validation process of certification and professional development materials.

The Publications, HR Resources, and Research departments is under the Department of Research and External Affairs.
A newly formed Technology Operations Department handles members’ technology experience and the association’s overall technical processes.

Leadership Changes

These changes have put in place a talented executive team to lead the newly structured departments to unify operational processes and strategically serve the needs of our members.

Debbie Tankersely-Snook is the Associate Director of Member Programs. She is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the quality of member programs, including certifications, professional development, conferences, and events.

Maria Villarreal will continue to oversee the research initiatives of the organization and now also oversees external affairs including publications, external communications, and marketing.  Maria’s new title is Associate Director of Research and External Affairs.

Yari Randall will continue to oversee the development of assessment products and now oversees the development and validation process of certification and learning programs. Yari’s new title is Associate Director of Assessment and Learning.

Robert Svihla is the Director of Technology Operations. He oversees the customer fulfillment experience and technology infrastructure of the organization.

IPMA-HR Org Structure (Final)

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