IPMA-HR Supports Raising Overtime Salary Basis Threshold

In a letter dated May 20, 2019, IPMA-HR joined the International City/County Management Association and the Government Finance Officers Association to express support for raising the salary basis for overtime eligibility under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The associations believe setting the salary threshold at $35,308 makes sense for most employers and employees. At the same time, the associations call for amending the overtime rule to create “a salary basis threshold that varies based on the cost of living similar to the federal compensation system which provides for locality pay.”

A survey of IPMA-HR members revealed a preference for making a smaller increase to the salary threshold for highly compensated employees. Resposnes also indicate that members prefer

  • Reviewing the threshold every four years,
  • Basing future adjustments on changes in the Consumer Price Index, and
  • Posting and taking comments on proposed changes for 180 days prior to implementation.

The comments are addressed to Melissa Smith, director of the division of regulations, legislation and interpretation for the Wage and Hour Division for the U.S. Department of Labor. Click the box below to read the full letter.

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