Larry Gillis - President Elect-Candidate

Larry Gillis

Candidate Statement

Thank you for taking the time to view my candidate statement.  It is an honor to be nominated for IPMA-HR President-Elect.  Please visit my website and Facebook page for additional information, background, endorsements and videos:

IPMA-HR is a wonderful organization.  I have been a member since 1997 and have served at the local, regional and national levels.  I am currently serving on the National Executive Council, and will be completing a three-year term at the end of this year.  Even though IPMA-HR is the largest public sector HR organization – with a world-renowned certification program – it can be better.  That is why I am running – to help IPMA-HR get stronger and stronger.

What do I mean by helping IPMA-HR get stronger?  Our total membership stands at 9,360, with 6,948 national members and 2,412 affiliated members.  While these numbers may be good for some, they are not for me.  These numbers need to increase.  We need to grow the membership and get members engaged at all levels – local, regional and national.  This is what I have termed the IPMA-HR Trifecta!  I want to grow and develop local chapters.  We have some states without a local chapter.  That needs to improve.

On international activities, I would like to see IPMA-HR become more active.  We have a very good certification program – and our certification program is truly international.  However, other than a few conferences that we are invited to attend, we are basically grounded in the United States.  I would like to see us expand and help international chapters get started and prosper.

As an association, we need to adapt to today’s technological capabilities.  We need to expand the social media program.  As the saying goes, “there is an App for everything”.  However, there is not one for IPMA-HR.  We need an App for our association, so we can “push” messages and announcements rather than depend on members to visit our website.  Members should be able to press a button on their smart phone or tablet and get right to our information.  Most members visit our website for a particular reason or if they need information.  They do not visit it every day or even every other day.  We need an App.  In fact, national members should be able to vote for the IPMA-HR President-Elect on the App.

IPMA-HR is a great organization– but just as everything else – it may need some updating and modernization.  How much change we make is up to the association – but I am willing to make some changes.  The status quo will never grow an organization.  IPMA-HR has been very good to me, and I want to give back.

I would really appreciate your vote.  Thank you for your consideration.

Biographical Sketch

*Executive Advisor (Ombudsman) – Kentucky State Government, 26 years of service – over 2 decades of HR experience

*Bachelor of Arts in History/minor Political Science

*Master of Public Administration, emphasis in personnel management

*Former member of the Kentucky Personnel Board - helped decide over 1000 cases

*IPMA-HR member since 1997

*Kentucky Chapter

            Vice President – 2010-2011

            President-Elect – 2011-2012

            President – 2012-2013

            Past President – 2013-2014

            Walter R. Gattis, Jr. award – 2016

*Southern Region

            Board member – 2013, chaired the Future Goals and Directions Committee

            Chaired the Resolutions Committee for the past 7 years

            Edwin L. Swain award – 2017


            Chapter Support and Development Committee – 2015, Chair 2016

            National Executive Council – 2016-2018