Northern California Chapter Dissolved Without Explanation

IPMA-HR unexpectedly received notification in early December 2018 that its Northern California Chapter had disbanded and reformed as the independent CalGovHR.

We assure all directly affected national members that this breakaway will not change your membership status with IPMA-HR or reduce your benefits as an Association member. Also know that we are working on ways to once more serve the locality- and region-specific needs of our public sector human resources colleagues in Northern California.

Former NCCIPMA-HR president Gene Boucher offered no details on why the chapter severed its affiliation. IPMA-HR Executive Director Neil Reichenberg continues reaching out to Boucher and is available via email at to answer questions from affected members.

One issue that is sure to create confusion involves the new group’s claim that it has existed since 1988, when NCCIPMA-HR formed. This does not accurately reflect IPMA-HR’s relationship with CalGovHR. We remain proud of the decades of service to and from NCCIPMA-HR chapter members, but we claim no involvement with the operations of CalGovHR.

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