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Candidate Statement

It is my privilege to be a candidate for President-Elect of IPMA-HR.  I am proud to be a long-standing member of our valuable association that has provided essential resources throughout my career.  I look forward to serving in a key leadership role that allows me the privilege of giving back – giving back to the members, the HR community, and the association.

My broad range of experiences in the public sector will allow me to bring a thoughtful perspective to promote increased engagement of professionals in their day-to-day work as well as in their contribution to the association.  I have served in leadership roles in IPMA-HR at the chapter, region and national level and as a result I have good insight to the needs of our membership and the historical and potential success of the association and the support it can provide for HR professionals.

Some of the toughest and persistent issues facing HR professional are how to attract professionals new to the field of HR and to ignite or re-kindle the fire in seasoned professionals.  We also need to work within our organizations to recruit a broad range of talent, build a culture that no one wants to leave, and diversify in all aspects without bias.  As resources for state and local entities continue to be scrutinized and often diminished, we are increasingly challenged to attract and engage emerging professionals and leaders for our important work.  In addition, mental health issues that affect the workplace are on the rise.  Employee wellness and life balance should be a priority for all employers.  We as HR professionals have a lot to consider!

An important step in addressing these issues is to seek input from and listen to our members and others in the HR community. Through surveys, forums and the HR community platforms we can see what we are concerned about or struggling with. With the principles HR 2020 as our vision, we will provide a network of support.  Our task will be to ensure IPMA-HR remains visible and relevant in our resource offerings, programming, and advocacy.  This includes social media presence, research and benchmarking, and flexible professional development opportunities and certifications that are valuable throughout one’s professional career.

You will be able to look to me as a thought partner for trends, issues and ideas regarding the HR community, profession, and the IPMA-HR association.  My array of professional experiences as well as my involvement and leadership within IPMA-HR allow me to bring a reflective and ambitious perspective.  My enthusiasm for the success of IPMA-HR hopefully will be engaging to others as we build our membership and network.

\I would greatly appreciate your vote.  I would be honored to work with you to represent both the association and the HR profession that I have respected for so many years.  I welcome the privilege of working with IPMA-HR leadership and members to ensure the continued success of the association.

Thank you for your consideration.

Biographical Sketch

My 34-year public sector career has allowed me to be engaged in key aspects of human resources functions within several different organizational structures for University of Wisconsin institutions and several state agencies.  As a leader, change agent, and business partner, I have managed many stages and structures of organizational and human resources industry change and understand the need for effective change management to ensure that employees are engaged and that they understand their value.  Listening to the employees, providing transparent communication, and looking to the human resources industry for best practices is essential.

Leadership role in several University of Wisconsin System-wide initiatives:


  • National
    • Certified Professional 2005 to present
    • Executive Council 2016 – 2018
    • Fellowship Committee, 2010-present (Chair 2012, 2016)
    • Various other committees
  • Central Region
    • Carl K. Wettengel Award 2009
    • Past President 2007-08
    • President 2006-07
    • President-Elect, 2005-06
    • Secretary/Treasurer, 2004-05
    • Chair of various committees
  • Wisconsin Chapter
    • President, 2003-2004
    • President-Elect, 2002-03
    • Sec/Treas., 2001-02

Other areas of practice:

Foster of positive environment for equity, diversity and inclusivity. Recruitment and staffing, employee relations, compensation, employee benefits, wellness, organizational design, employee engagement, continuous job development, performance management, professional development, onboarding, exit data analysis, affirmative action, Title IX, policy and procedure development, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, state statutes. 


Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration, Minor:  Economics – Lakeland College

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Facebook:  Pam Dollard, Ipma-HR Candidate for President-Elect








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