Workers Demand Employers Practice Good Citizenship, Social Responsibility

MetLife’s latest Role of the Company Survey revealed that employees want their organizations to act as good corporate citizens at home and abroad.

The financial services and insurance provider polls U.S. workers each year to learn what employees expect of employers and to determine what benefits employers realize from meeting those expectations.

According to the summary of key findings from the 2018 survey prepared by HR Dive, “85 percent of respondents said good corporate citizenship is important where they work. Respondents also want their employers to make a difference in their community (76 percent) and the world (72 percent).”

Further, 85 percent of survey respondents who believe their organization shares their values regarding things like environmental responsibility and commitment to diversity described themselves as loyal employees.

Follow this link to learn more about the survey. Recognize, too, that public sector organizations embody missions that boil down to serving communities and residents. Promoting a government agency’s brand as the very definition of a corporate citizen can pay dividends in recruiting, hiring and employee retention.