Public Sector HR News

  • mental health

    DoD’s ‘First-of-its-Kind’ Prevention Workforce to Focus on Mental Health

    Dec 06, 2022

    The Department of Defense is in the midst of hiring a new and dedicated "primary prevention workforce" of public health and social science professionals dedicated to suicide prevention and active military service members' mental well-being. 


  • fed language barrier

    DOJ Calls on Federal Agencies to Break Down Language Barriers

    Dec 02, 2022

    In a recently issued memorandum, the Department of Justice has requested that federal agencies review their language access practices and policies to strengthen the federal government’s engagement with individuals with limited English proficiency.

  • Communicating Defined Benefit Plan

    The Best Time to Communicate Your Defined Benefit Plan is Now

    Dec 01, 2022

    There might never be a better time than right now to communicate a defined benefit plan and the advantages that it provides to your employees. 
  • Job Title Inflation

    Cut Through the Confusion

    Dec 01, 2022

    Job titles aren't always clear indicators of a candidate's skills and  experience, and trying to make sense of applicants' past designations adds a degree of difficulty to hiring managers' jobs. 


  • Out of the box Hiring Tools

    Outside-the-box Hiring Tools for Today's Competitive Job Market

    Dec 01, 2022

    Job seekers with the right skills still have the upper hand in the current economy, but there are out-of-the-ordinary resources that hiring managers can use to secure talent.

  • FROM THE EDITOR, December 2022

    Dec 01, 2022

    Finding, hiring and holding on to top talent is always a priority for public sector employers. But current circumstances have underscored the importance of giving workers reasons to join (and stay with) your organization.

  • Data Insights

    Is it Time to Transform HR Using Data Insights?

    Dec 01, 2022

    HR must start thinking about revamping strategic planning while being people-centric. Data can be a valuable tool for HR as it starts to transform itself by adopting the organizational principles and key performance indicators of core business functions.

  • Amnie Dingus

    HR Utility Player Extraordinaire

    Dec 01, 2022

    Amnie Dingus, director of human resources for Culpeper County, Va., recently sat down with IPMA-HR editors to talk about her journey from big league intern to local government HR director. 
  • job application

    Removing the Roadblocks

    Dec 01, 2022

    IPMA-HR editors spoke with Melissa Barker, vice president of practice development at The Duffy Group, about the factors combining to down public sector hiring, and what employers can do to pick up the pace. 
  • COVID Fears Article

    COVID Fears Still a Factor for Quarter of U.S. Workforce

    Nov 29, 2022

    By and large, concerns over contracting COVID-19 have waned over the two-plus years of the pandemic, but a new Gallup poll suggests coronavirus-related fears are still a factor for roughly a quarter of the U.S. workforce.