Castaic Lake Water Agency - Website and Social Media Policy

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The Agency uses its websites and social media as components of the Agency’s public outreach activities and to assist in the conduct of and to promote Agency business.  Social media programs include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other such programs that exist now or will be developed in the future.  The Agency’s websites and social media programs and data used for the social media programs are property of the Agency.   
The purpose of the Agency’s website and social media programs is effective communication that ensures the Agency is recognized as a credible, effective and reliable authority for water infrastructure, management and policy. The Agency’s use of websites and social media programs should be to:

  1. Maintain and enhance credibility and public trust.
  2. Inform the public of what services the Agency provides.
  3. Promote the Agency’s programs and activities.
  4. Promote community partnerships and community events.
  5. Provide accurate information to the public regarding incidents and public service announcements.

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