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The City makes medical and prescription benefits available to all regular full time employees and their dependents. Plans are available for active employees and one plan is available for retired employees under age 65 who are not work-related disabled retirees. If an employee suffers a job-related death or job related disability that requires early retirement, (prior to age 65), the City will provide the Retiree Plan for full medical coverage, at City cost, for the employee, his/her spouse, and dependent children (who are covered on the medical plan prior to the employee’s retirement from the City) until the employee and spouse each attain age 65; and children attain age 26 years. When a retiree or spouse actually reach age 65 or become eligible for Medicare insurance, the retiree and spouse will receive the same benefits granted to other retirees at age 65. A Medicare supplement plan is available for retirees who are over 65 or Medicare eligible.  

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