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It is the policy of the City to maximize the cost-effective use of computer systems as a means of improving productivity.  The City provides communication resources including computing resources, electronic mail (email), internet access, personal digital assistants, and other electronic communications devices (collectively referred to as the City Technology Resources) to employees to assist in and facilitate City’s business and communications. 

The primary purpose of the City’s network and systems is to provide service to the public as part of City business, in a manner that is consistent with the City’s vision and values.  De minimis, incidental personal use of the City Technology Resources by employees is permitted if accomplished in compliance with the provisions of this policy, as set forth below.

This policy does not address all required, allowed, or prohibited behaviors by employees, but covers common examples.  In general, the City relies on the good judgment of its employees to ensure that City Technology Resources are used in the public’s best interest. 

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