IPMA-HR conducted its Annual Employment Outlook Survey to examine employment trends in the public sector for 2020. The study addresses hiring for newly created positions, eliminating positions, open vacancies, and how they are being filled. From 316 public sector HR professionals surveyed, 74% are from local governments.

This year’s hires and layoffs rates are consistent with 2019 figures. About 64% of HR professionals plan on hiring for newly created positions in 2020 (64%, 2019), and about 10% plan to have layoffs in 2020 (11%, 2019). With the rise of the gig economy, we surveyed our members on how they plan to fill those newly created roles with 97% choosing full-time positions. However, 30% of IPMA-HR members also chose part-time positions, 23% reported planning to hire temporary workers, and 11% plan on hiring contractors. 

Employment Outlook 2019