The 2012 and 2014 Employee Engagement Research Services are the only surveys ever conducted of US state and local government public sector employees dealing with employee engagement. While the economy on the surface appears to be growing in 2014, we are now living in the era of sequestration, with Federal government budgets tightening, even impacting the purse strings of state and local governments.  And as a result, employees are doing more with fewer resources.  This employee engagement study shows that despite fewer financial and personnel resources, employee engagement can still be enhanced by human resources working with management on some key areas.

Through IPMA-HR’s continued research on employee engagement, we learn how economics, management style, emotional elements, working environment, communications, working relationships and pay and benefits all impact employee engagement.  At this juncture, 47% of state and local government employees are fully engaged in their jobs.

The 2014 emailed online survey was conducted among 21 state and local government organizations, with 1,988 state and local government employees responding. 

For a summary of results, check out our executive summary:

IPMA-HR has the capability to survey your organization comparing it to the benchmark group. IPMA-HR can issue your organization a 10-12 page PowerPoint report comparing your organization on key measures of employee engagement, tables on every question and verbatim responses to open-ended questions. Contact us for more information.