We stand at the precipice. The recent horrific killing of George Floyd is the latest in a long list of countless others. Our nation is in crisis. Our society must address systemic racism. It is no longer acceptable to be silent. This is a pivotal time in our history. Let us be clear that we must all listen to the voices advocating for change. 

Public sector human resources professionals have the capacity and ability to facilitate the tough conversations that lead to the urgent actions that need to be taken now. We need to stand together. 

In our HR20/20 Report, we stated “Inequities are not random; they have been systematically created and sustained over time and will not disappear without specific intent.” 

What can you do inside your organization to drive diversity and inclusion and help your employees and your community at this time?

  • Operate with urgency and accountability. When change is a priority, urgency is felt and change is embraced.
  • Partner with other institutions and communities. Create community with partners that help you learn.
IPMA-HR is committed to diversity and inclusion and developing new resources to help public sector organizations improve. Change starts at home and, working together, we can make change happen. 

- Cara Woodson Welch, IPMA-HR Executive Director


Issued: June 4, 2020