Webinar Archive: The Socially Intelligent Public Sector HR Leader

Does Your HR Department have Social Intelligence?

The ability to evaluate and influence other people’s social interactions is vital for public sector HR professionals to become successful leaders in navigating the workforce challenges of today and tomorrow.

This webinar will teach HR professionals how to succeed by learning to:

  • Identify the psychological drivers underpinning the behavior and communication of the people in their organizations, including elements of unconscious, implicit bias.
  • Use effective strategies to influence the behavior and communication of staff – to adapt to a rapidly evolving world, rapid technological changes, and the changing needs of the workforce.
  • Attendees will learn social intelligence research-based strategies to cultivate their leadership skills and positively influence stakeholders throughout their organization.
  • Learn how to restructure policies and incentives to address unconscious bias and help align people’s behaviors and communication with the organizational objectives of effective service delivery to citizens.
  • Learn about new techniques that staff can use to improve their own social intelligence and implement social intelligence-based strategies in their organization.
  • Gain the ability to offer effective training and professional development on social intelligence to executives and other HR professionals in their organizations.